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SWA Poolies..Idea?

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Fellow poolies..

How about we all post when we get the call for class..Please include when typed/hired. If you know someone that has gotten the call, try to get their info and post it..We can get an idea of how long its taking and in what order things may be running in the pool..

This may not help those that just got the call, but it will help those deeper in the pool...
The longer we keep updating the better the info would be...With forty people getting the call in the next few days we should be able to make a good start..

Remember..We are all in this together!!

Sounds like a great idea to me. Hopefully there's good news on the horizon for all of us.
Hey guys,

just some info for you. The rumor coming out from around here is that we are going to hire 650 next year. shouldnt be in the pool long and you may get some seniority quickly
Latest info from Jennifer McCallion:

Class Dates: Jan 3 & 17, Feb 21, 2 March Classes, 2 April Classes (didn't get the dates for Mar & Apr).

I was told to expect February class, outside chance of Jan, and definitely by March.

My info:

Interviewed - March
Board met - May (hired with 6 months to get type)
Type rating completed - July 29 (faxed to People Dept next day)

Have a buddy who I was typed with who got same info.
Have another buddy who was typed in Sept and was told to expect March class, definitely by April.

Sounds like Jennifer is getting new info every day. She can't make any promises but seems to be able to give us a reasonable idea of what to expect.

Keep the good news flowing!
Is Stop loss going to affect any of you guys that are in the military and in the pool? Heard that today from the rumor mill as to why there is no definite number on the pool.
Fellow poolie
I talked to a few people about that...

In each case the impact is different..If you are offered a class date and cant get out,im told they will hold a spot for you until you can..
If you arnt near a class date then i guess it wouldnt impact you until you get the offer..

I know that The People Dept is on a case by case basis calling people to check on their availibilty...

And yes...The pool is a little out of wack due to some stop loss effected people..And it changes almost daily..

SWA poolies...

Good idea. When many of us were in the UAL pool about a year ago, we had a pretty good list going of who was in the pool, when that person interivewed, medicaled, and got the final acceptance letter from Denver. With the info compiled, many in the pool were able to get a rough "guesstimate" of their respective class dates. How about we work on something like that via this forum?

Since SWA doesn't do the medical exam, and your standing is based on: A) date hired with a type, or B) date typed after being hired, we could simply supply the applicable date for our fellow "poolies."

My info: Typed on Nov 6th... available immediately... patiently waiting for class... guessing spring of 2002.


My info

My info: Type submitted on Oct 22nd... available immediately... also patiently waiting for class... HOPING spring of 2002.
Fellow poolies..

Nice to see an idea catch on..

I guess the info would be typed date or date of splash down in pool..And then date of class..I will try to keep track of the postings via an electronic calendar..

When poolies in the future ask about time frames and dates i can e-mail them the updated calender..Maybe even post it from time to time..

What yall think?

SWA Poolie


I think this is a great idea, thanks for thinking of it. It will no doubt be a great indicator as to everyones' class date time frame...

Just a heads up on my stats:

Interviewed: June 18th 01
Selected: August 27th 01
737 Typed Faxed: Ocober 31st 01

Good thing I like to swim, hopefully it wont be to long for all of us...

Thanks Mike,

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