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SWA Pool Update list Info..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello poolies..

Judging by my mail i guess i was missed..

An updated list should be coming out any time now..

There have been a few changes made as a result of everyones input..Should be pretty obvious..

A couple of notes about the list..

I have recieved alot of input and requests about the list..Im getting the info from several sources..E-Mail,phone calls,Private Messages,Several different threads..ect..ect..

Im also getting alot of incomplete info..
All this plus people wanting to be added to the list that havnt even been interviewed or applying to SWA in some cases..

So..Here are some things to make it a little easier to keep track of the data and make the data i get more useful..

Unless you are in the final pool..That is with type waiting on a class date..Your info will not be posted..

If at all possible..Please use the link to the lists e-mail address to post your info..This saves me alot of time tracking down info..

When you post your info..Please list your interview date,type date,and pool date..Also your handle or call sign and if you are stop loss effected..
If you are getting info from a third party..Have them make up a call sign/handle to post with the info and please ask them to join the board and keep their info current..Im getting alot of"i have a buddy" type of info and it really doesnt do any good if we dont have complete info or its not updated..

As far as any mistakes/incorrect info/missing info..Please do me a favor and be patient with me..Im wading thru alot of data and sorting it out as best i can..
If you need to update/correct your info..please send me an e-mail via the link on the lists page..I will add/correct the info for the next update..

For those i may have missed...Sorry..Just send it again..

I hope things will smooth out here shortly..And for all those helping out with the data..Keep up the good work..

swiming in pool....


interviewed 8,2001
typed 11/30/01
pool 12/02/01
Another one for the pool list.

Let's call him Romeo.

he interview with me in may.
called in aug to go get type rating.
type rating completed sep 12th.
swa pool letter dated 13 sep.


also rossi3 is in the pool. we got our types together on 4,5 sep

SWA Pool List


You're doing a great job! Thanks.

Fellow poolies..

Glad to help out a great group of people..

I still think im getting the better part of the deal as a result of finding this great board..

Im not sure i would have had the chance to be in the "pool" if it wasnt for the info and insite shared here by many...

Be well Yall..


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