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SWA Pool List

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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
Hi Folks,

We've added another half dozen to the list this week and we've taken off the April 25th class poolies. With 154 on our list, I'd guess this is about half of the actual list. Please keep asking our pool colleagues to sign in if they haven't already done so. When the pool gates open, we can get a better idea of the expected class date with everyone on the list.

Since the file has gotten much larger, some of you may experience a long download wait time. We're in the process of changing the file from MSWord to MSFrontPage. This should reduce the size and ultimately reduce the download time to view. Does anyone have experience with MSFrontPage....I may need help!

Life is good....especially when you're going to SWA!


Reading the other posts, looks like maybe there's a ripple in the pool. Maybe it'll grow to a good 4 footer and you guys can surf on down to Dallas for training here pretty soon. Quick questions for ya'll if ya don't mind. Heard the SWA gang has stopped taking apps for the time being. Can't find that in writing anywhere...I open the SWA pilot requirements page and get the same Jan 02 update. Is there somewhere else the rest of us should be looking for "the truth and nothing but the truth"? Thanks...

Can't say whether SWA isn't accepting apps....however, I believe there was a thread related to this a few weeks ago. If you can figure out how to search thread topics on this forum you might find the info your looking for.

In the May 10th AIR Inc monthly newsletter SWA was accepting supplemental pilot info forms/resumes at recruitment address. Also indicated hiring in later '02...I can't see what you've got to lose by sending in your apps.

Good luck,


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