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SWA pool list update coming...

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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
Just sent in the list update & should be posted in the next day or so. It still takes a minute to download if your not using high speed connections, so please wait...

We currently have 220 on our unofficial list. With estimates of 360 in the actual pool, we're only 140 short. You've all done a great job of spreading the word about our list. So, please continue to ask any poolies you know to sign in if they haven't already done so.

By count of the swa newsletter stating the number of poolies in March of this year (275), we're only missing between 35 - 43 members prior to March '02. That leaves about 100 unsigned members in the last 5 months. Perhaps we'll be getting more sign ins as they get their type ratings. And the rest will hopefully get the word of this site and join us.

Now that the pool faucet has been turned down to a drip, we'll post updates on a bi-monthly period or as needed.

Hopefully new hire classes will resume again shortly and we'll get you prunes out to dry!!

I want to thank you all for participating on this board and sharing anything you have to say....we're all in this together. Speaking for myself, it has been like a support group. :D


I've been twice, so far, this year and it's not been that great...three barracuda's and two King fish last time. The boat captains say the big fish went north this year....who knows?!?

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