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Swa & Pic Time

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New member
Mar 19, 2002
Can anyone clarify how to fill in the SWA application form in accordance with "the going standard"?

I have more than 1000 hrs PIC as 737 Capt. in the left seat. In addition I have four years in the right seat with a type.

According to their website, Southwest allows logging of PIC for an aircraft requiring a type rating as follows:

If both pilots are type rated, the pilot in the left seat and sole manipulator of the controls may log PIC.

If only one pilot is type rated only that pilot may log PIC, regardless of seat position.

My question is: Can I (or should I) include the part of the right seat time when I was the sole manipulator of the controls? ;)
probably not

Only if you were PIC (did you sign for the jet). Even with the new "competetive screen" don't push it - You have the type and you meet the mins, you will get called - don't exagerate and create a situation for yourself at the interview.

All of this, of course is IMHO

Good Luck

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