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# SWA new hires in '02?

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SWA Pool Dog Paddler
Mar 20, 2002
There have been a lot of posts in the last 2 or 3 months quoting the number of new hires at SWA to be about 250 in '02. There has also been quite a bit of speculation that this number may reach anywhere from 450 to 600 for the year as well (if things pick up economy wise).

Here's a question for you senior fellow poolies out there.

Let's say they do hire only 250 this year (hopefully this won't be the case and we'll see 600). Does anyone know if that said 250 will be from those interviewed post 1-1-02 through the end of the year, or will the said 250 be comprised of only those in class during '02? In other words, will the 250 be comprised of those poolies interviewed in the fall of '01 and given a class date of '02 as well as some additional poolies interviewed in '02?

Any thoughts here from you guys who have been "wading" for a while? I've only got 25 weeks of unemployment to go and sure would like to get the class date call by this summer.

Thanks in advance.
My Guess

There were several rumors as to the pool size as of 01/01/2002. Anywhere from 100 to 250. It appears that 250 is closer to the mark. So to answer your questions; "hired" means on property, in the pool does not count. It is my GUESS that few if any 2002 interviewees will be in that first 250, especially if stop loss ends.

Sorry, but that is just a guess. I think if they drain the pool this year they will be bringing 500+ on property (current pool size rumor of 300+ added to the 150 or so already on property added to those who have successfully interviewed, but need to get the type.

For a little good news look at how many they hired last year ...

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