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SWA Mins.

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Gettin' my JERK on!
Dec 15, 2001
Just a quick question for those folks in the know at LUV!!

I've got a pal at UAL who is getting nervous, and thinking about a life at LUV. He was displaced off the 737 as a PIC, onto the 757. He has about 8000TT, but only got 750 PIC on the 737. Thats the only PIC they have. Would LUV even look at this app. with the shortage of 250 PIC turbine???

Thanks for the input!!!
hired @ UAL?

I'm not sure about the PIC question. I would think that mins are mins for a reason and with a ton of apps they would stick to their mins.

How did your friend get hired at UAL with no PIC? I was pretty sure that was a requirement.

I dont think United had a pic requirement- seems they were hiring some of the lowest time people after their lawsuit.

I totally agree that PIC turbine is extremely valuable... with that being said, some common sense would be in order.
I find it funny that a United Captain, who probably has several thousand hours in the 737 isnt as qualifies as someone with 1001 pic in a beech 1900.
Jakeair's unwarranted remark...

I hope you don't carry that attitude into an interview room or out on the line. Maybe next time you shouldn't think out loud.
No ...

The 1000 PIC Turbine reqirement is cast in stone ... at least from what I've seen from the inside at SWA.

The question which was posed as to whether a 750 hrs PIC B-737 is as 'qualified' as 1001 hrs PIC BE-1900 ... the answer in terms of SWA is a flat .... NO ...

We can debate the merits of each pilot's particular background for a long time w/o reaching any agreement ...

It's simple supply and demand ... Econ 101 ... with the glut of folks who meet SWA's mins ... they have no reason to change them.

Take a look at the mins at FEDEX ... There is no way a civilian can be competitive given the same chronological age during recessionary times in the industry.

My opinion ... of course ...

The only way I know to get to the majors with anything less than approximately 3500 TT is to be a military aviator. It's a simple matter of what a military pilot flies at the beginning of their career.

On average, you will not find many 2300 HR civilian pilots with 1000 PIC Turbine. And for clarification's sake I'm limiting my PIC Turbine requirement to FAR Part 1's definition ... not the sole manipulator 'loophole'.
SWA Mins...

Thanks everyone for the insight, and NO he's not black....Geez....He started w/UAL w/about 4000TT back when the 10's were in ANC. Then was displaced and was able to hold the "guppy" in ORD.
Jakeair, that was an ignorent comment.

You have been added to the ignore list.


PSL is right.
SWA won't look at you until you have the 1000 PIC turbine.
Why would a captain at United be looking at LUV. He has to be about half way up the seniority list. Something doesn't make sense. If he gets furloughed from UAL there will be no UAL.
3 year captains

We had some very young captains at UAL. I think the youngest (seniority wise) had been a UAL 2 yrs 10 mos.

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