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SWA, Midway, Vanguard, and Hooters...

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Apr 14, 2002
I have been off the board for awhile and apparently in the dark when I was visiting reguarly. I tried to 'search' for these answers, but got the "sorry-no matches..." So, if anyone can confirm or deny these rumors/questions, it would be much appreciated.

1) Did/does SWA give preferential interviews to Midway pilots?

2) When SWA starts interviewing again, are they giving preference to Vanguard pilots?

In either case, great for the Midway and Vanguard pilots, terrible for the pilots that have been trying to get some LUV from day one (not saying that many of the M & V weren't).

3) What's the latest with the Hooters deal? "Would you like celery and blue cheese with those pretzels?"

I'm not attacking anyone, just curious. Good luck all, we need it.
Bad rumors!

SWA does not and did not give preferential treatment to ex-Midway pilots. This rumor started when SWA, out of professional courtesy, held a "job fair" in Raleigh-Durham following the initial Midway bankruptcy announcement.

The job fair was for ALL jobs, not just pilots. SWA saw an opportunity to hire some "local" folks to 1) Fill some openings due to growth at R-D, and 2) Replace some "temporary" SWA folks who were displaced from other SWA cities to work in R-D until more folks were hired.

As far as pilots are concerned, the only thing SWA People Dept folks did was hand out SWA applications and answer questions. That's it. If an ex-Midway pilot got an interview, it was due to his qualifications. Same goes for ex-US Airways, ex-UAL, ex-AAL, ex-Vanguard, et al.

In January 2002, SWA did transition to a commpetitive application review process to screen applicants for interviews. So, if you are barely over 1000 turbine PIC with no type rating, you will probably not get an interview before a pilot with 3000 turbine PIC, type-rated pilot who applied after you.

Remember, SWA is a company run by LAWYERS. They are always VERY careful to avoid things that will potentially lead to litigation. I think they got enough litigation over the "male flight attendant" lawsuit for a lifetime.

This is why Lindsay and everyone else in the PD choose their words very carefully when you guys call. They never commit to anything, right? They are just following orders folks; just like good foot soldiers should.

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