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SWA March 14th Class Official Call

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Nov 26, 2001
Got the official call from Bob Dombrowski, the ACP at Dallas, at 1735 EST. He stated that JM would be sending my packet in the next few days.

Best of luck to those still waiting.



Congrats on the big call from SWA - a long wait no doubt that finally paid off. Hope to be there myself at the end of March or early April. Good luck in training and by the way have my beer waiting...
Beer Waiting

Hey Qxeplt,

Hope to see you in the March Class. If so, my group should be throwing your party on the Wednesday night prior to your first day. First beer is on me!!

Got the Official call at 0802 this morning from MCO CPO. Can't wait to meet everyone. SEE YOU THERE!

Congrats again! That must be a fun phone call to get. I would like to ask you guys a favor - when you get to DAL could you send MLBWINGBORN an updated poolie list? The swimmers would appreciat it!
Poolie List

Hey Ivauir,

I sent MLBWINGBORN a private message when I was notified by JM and one when I was call by Bob Dombrowski. But I will be glad to do as you request when I get there and will also make an announcement to the class, for those on the current list, to do the same.

See ya in DALLAS!

SWA start date call

Got the call this morning from Tim Leonard, CP (MCO) as well - 14 Mar class date. The pool list is moving along nicely. See you there.

I only count 5 fllightinfo users for Mar

It seems that only a few guys from Flightinfo are in the March 14th class. Does anyone have any ideas of how many guys have been called up for that class?? Thanx. Anxiously awaiting...


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