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SWA mail packet.......

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John Ross Ewing JR
Dec 9, 2001
Am I the only one out there that hasn't received the recent packet sent out by SWA?

(Ya know the one that requests any updates to your file for the poolies!!!!)

What gives?

I think its got to do with the pool date.

I interviewed in Feb and was put in the pool in March.

I too had no packet. I am guessing its because all my stuff is still fresh. Maybe 9 months down the road I may have to update my background/drug screen data.

Though 9 months down the road I plan to be working there!

Good Luck to us all.:cool:
I agree with the above, probably is a factor of time in the pool. I'm #100 on the pool list right now, interviewed in Sept and typed/in the pool in January. Presumably if we haven't gotten anything it is because our background check/whatever is still good.
No packet either

I'm no. 13 in the pool. I haven't gotten the package either. I'm guessing (like everyone else) that it is a timing thing. My pool date is late October and JB is probably thinking that I may be out of the pool prior to the one year point from background check #1. Someone in the pool after me by a month or more may be looking at more than a year possibly (because of sporadic class schedule to date) so JB is keeping those current. My best furlough educated, nothing better to do guess is out on the board now.

As an aside does anyone know how long the drug test is good for? For some reason I was thinking six months, which I am over, but I don't know.

Anyway, peace and love to all poolies.


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