SWA lack of rumors..


Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
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Hey guys and gals..

As much as i hate to say it... there isnt much going on right now..

Ive talked with several folks and they all seem to think that the reasons for the company not putting out much is that they are down playing our position due to the impending vote on the contract extension..

Another possible reason ive heard has been that the recent unpleasentness in the stock market hasnt really done much in the way of convencing folks that the worst is over..

Anyway..The good news is that the late August class is from what ive heard still a go..Ive heard a few comments about a possible class in the first part of August as well..I guess we will see when it happens for sure..

Its also a good thing that they are still checking on availbilty..In the past that has led to some short notice classes..

As for what i keep seeing on the line..

Almost every plane ive flown has been full or nearly so..I just did a three day and the lightest load was 121 pax out of a possible of 137..I just dont know if we are making any money off the tickets ..But the planes are full and they all cant be riding on coupons..

As for you folks that have gotten the nod for class let me just say welcome to the best airline in the world and i hope you all come to realize as i have that its been well worth the wait..



SWA Line Swine
Dec 6, 2001
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Thanks Mike

Thanks again Mike, even little to no news from inside is better than hearsay from the outside. This possible bubble position that I'm in lends itself to be an emotional amusement park. Everytime you or Chase or DHampton put out a bit of news it helps to dampen the loop-to-loops. Thanks again.