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Jul 1, 2002
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I find that the constant use of the "Kool-Aid Drinking" phrase is getting a bit out of hand.

Most of you probably are unaware (or are too young to remember) of the dark origins of this term.

In 1978 a mass suicide was held in Jonestown, a settlement in the jungle of Guyana, an Idaho-sized country on South America's northern coast.

"What is known about the end of Jonestown is that on November 18, 1978, Jones ordered more than 900 of his followers to drink cyanide-poisoned punch. He told guards to shoot anyone who refused or tried to escape. Among the dead: more than 270 children."

The uninformed Press (gee go figure) wrongly referred to the cyanide laced drink as Kool-Aid. Our wonderful American culture quickly adopted the phrase, "Drinking Kool-Aid" as reference to a corporate idea/ideal that they believed in so deeply that they would volunteer to consuming the poisoned drink!!

I personally will not to refer to my fellow employees in such a degrading manner, thinking that they have blind faith in ANY corporate decision that would have them cause their deaths!?
:D (for those who can't handle satire/humor, PHLease!! Get over yourselves...)

The WHINING pilots who are my future Captains would do EVERYone a HUGE favor by at least sipping a bit o' Kool-Aid every now and then.... re-read "Nuts!", look back into your past as to what your initial reasons were for wanting to work for SWA. I will personally do EVERYTHING I can to promote what IS the SWA family culture and the corporate identity that created the best & most profitable airline in the history of the airline industry!!!

One bad attitude at a time - like it or NOT I really don't care.... you HAVE been warned, I am bringing my OUTstanding, POSITIVE attitude to a cockpit (very) near you soon!!!!!!

Have a GREAT day to EVERYONE - happy to be - Tredding

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Hittin' the road...
Nov 25, 2001
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Treading in SWA's pool would be fine by me. I would love to drink some LUV-AID. Pilot's are going to b1tch because that is what we do. But the Luv gang is happier than 99% out there.

Congrats on you pool status, ya lucky dog. I'm still waiting for the call. (about 2 years now, darn terrorists)