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SWA Junkie

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Oh Yeahhhh
Nov 26, 2001
Hey guys, stop holding out on us. I need a fix. Somebody post something about SWA. I need a constant infusion of SWA information to satisfy my addiction.

On another note, is it just me or have you noticed that since your SWA interview, time has seemed to slow to the unbelievably slow pace of an American Airlines jet taxiing in front of you?

At this pace February 20th will get here sometime after the next millennium!

Tick tock...

I feel your pain brother.. It will feel like an ETERNITY before your decision board.. With any luck though, what happend to me won't happen to you.. I found out after my original decision board, that they had pushed mine back almost 3 weeks!!! AGH.. It felt like the parking break locked up on that american jet!

Anyway, enjoy each day and try to muster up as much patience as you can!!

Happened to me too....


That happened to me also. My original DB came up and no call was made to me, I thought for sure I missed out on the best job ever. Then someone that interviewed a couple days after me talked to someone in HR and it turned out everyone that interviewed after the 15th, mine being on the 18th, got slid to the next board. YEAAAA, I was back in the game until the next board. It was absolutely unbearable, two months of pulling my hair out but I got the Thumbs up and it was well worth the wait.
Frequent this board while you wait and you'll get much info and support. Good Luck

By the way it looks like your interviewing on my B-day and I got hired, maybe thats a good sign...

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