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SWA Jan Interviews, 22 in 17 Jan class

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Active member
Dec 3, 2001
Just got back from a flight and wanted to pass on the following info from the message board in the crew lounge.

The class roster for the 17 Jan class was posted and it included 22 pilots and 2 instructors.

There was a list of 285 folks that have interviews scheduled for the month of January. If you guys/gals that have a Jan interview scheduled make sure you encourage your SWA buds to pass on LORs by the 31st.

Good luck to all.
were the 285 interviewees all pilots and all in January? That number sounds alot higher than I expected. Good news though.
It was from a memo posted in the crew lounge asking us to get letters in for the listed folks if we knew them. I imagine there could have been potential sim instructor folks on the list since SWA pilots would possibly know that group of individuals as well. Sorry, I don't remember the exact wording. Maybe someone passing through the lounge today can verify.

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