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SWA Jan Interview Drug Tests?

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2002
Just trying to pass the time till the DB results...

Looking for responses from people who interviewed in Jan who have been called for drug testing:

Interview date?

Are you military or civilian?

What is your availability date?

If military, Stop/Loss Y/N?

Background: for those who haven't interviewed yet, the drug test used to be a good signal things were going well. The current word is to not read anything in to it. I figure someone out there will come up with a pattern...
I interviewed 1st week of January and had one of my current contacts called (current supervisor). I was called this week for drug test.

Stats: Military, available end of May pending Stop Loss waiver.

I don't think the drug test call means a whole lot these days. Some are called before DB, others will be called afterwards.
It does give me a "warm fuzzy" that I may still be in the "game" but I am starting to get very nervous.

Good Luck To all on upcoming DB.
Drug Test

I was called by Jan to go take a drug test last week, but was TDY. Went and had it done yesterday.

Interviewed Jan 14th.

Military (retirement in Nov), Aug availability, probably stop-loss effected (60-day re-evaluations of the policy--waiver pending)

Contacts and LOR-writers called in late Jan.

An IP here at my base got a call "in the blind" from SWA. SWA was checking on another applicant, but, since the SWA guy knew the IP from his previous life, he asked about others applicants from this base. Read off the list of all currently being considered from this base and asked if the IP knew them/his opinion.

Thought that was kind of strange and one I hadn't heard before. Lucky that the IP he talked to here gave me a good "review."

Hey Alex, thanks for the reply...

Where are you based at? How is the stop/loss waiver working there?

It seems funny they are doing a 6 month drug test if you aren't available till Aug 02 which might cut it close, but who knows...

Jake - I sent a PM, but basically asked the same questions...

Good luck to all!
Applied: Aug 13
Typed: Oct 22
Interviewed: Jan 9
References and previous employers called within 10 days of interview.
Called by Jan on Feb 12 for drug test. If you go to Quest Diagnostics for a drug test, speak VERY slowly and make sure they get all of your info correct. Long story.
Good luck to everybody
Here's my stats:

Applied Aug. 17, 2001

Typed Oct. 6, 2001

Interviewed Jan. 10, 2002

Background check completed within the next week.

Drug Test Jan. 29, 2002

Here's my thoughts:

I want nothing more than to get the call for hire right now. This would be the 2nd greatest thing in my life.....However, whatever happens, happens. I had a lot of fun at the interview and have the satisfaction of knowing I did the best I could. The drug test call may or may not mean anything. Either case, the waiting game gets tougher as Feb. 20th gets closer and I'm at peace with whatever happens.

Good luck to us all..... :)
Another strange one

Got a call from a bud who's been working for SWA for about 10 months now. He said he got paged (while in the jetway on a trip) by SWA's background checkers. The background guy asked my friend if he knew me and what he thought.

Strange part: I didn't list this friend as a reference or get an LOR from him. I might have mentioned his name during the interview (part of my "Why SWA?" answer--"I know a lot of great guys with the company like ... I'd like to work with them and others of that quality, etc.").

Talking to this bud, he said SWA really has the "small world" feel and they actively look for folks who might have worked with applicants in a previous life. The friend said they really try to get as many data points on potential new hires that they can get.

With just a few days left before the DB, I'm starting to get paranoid. Maybe I'm one of the borderline guys and they feel they need those extra data points. My friend said not to worry, but I am a tad nervous.

My friend also asked if I had gotten the call for the drug test yet. When I said I had, he told me "you're in." When I told him that Dumbo said the test isn't the positive indicator as in the past, he used logic on me. He said "why would SWA send you for a test that costs a bit of money if they didn't want to hire you? SWA doesn't spend money unnecessarily."

Now I don't know what to think. What an emotional whip-saw!

Oh well, I THOUGHT the interviews went well.

Good luck to all 250-ish of us meeting the DB.


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