SWA Jan class date window..


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Nov 27, 2001
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Based on my information and the posts so far, the cut off for the first two classes in Jan is running right around the middle of Aug.

Anyone whom splashed down in the pool prior to Aug is gonna be in the first two classes by my guess..

I got in on Aug 16th and was told not to expect to be in the first two classes..

People that were put in the pool in the first week in Aug seem to be on the edge for the last class in Jan..

Again this is a W.A.G based on the current info and posts gathered to date..

Please tell your friends in the pool to post their info so as to allow a more solid data base..I will do my best to sort it out and post it..Anyone that gets the call to the school house please share your info for the others that will go behind you..
If possible,Try to use the first thread posted with the idea so it will make it easier to find the data..You can even send me a PM..

Hang in there...


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