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SWA, Interview,Type and Call

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Well-known member
Dec 2, 2001
I applied to SWA in October with no 737 Type. I will be starting the training for the type in February and hope to be finished in early March. I am wondering what time frame for an interview call I am looking at considering the above info. If others with upcoming interviews could share how long they had their apps in and if they had the type. How many people applied without the type but later got the type before their interview, and how long after recieving the type did they wait for an interview? Also where will my application go in the stack when I update with the new 737 type. Does it move to a different stack or does it move to the top of the only stack and what determines its order in that stack? Thanks for the info.

Applied in June, started type class in January, called DURING the type class for a February interview. I hear they're looking at all apps on a competetive basis, now. The type just makes you more competetive.

Good Luck!
I applied in August. I will begin type training early February.

No word yet from SWA. I've got my fingers crossed.....:)
Applied Sept 4, 01, got called Jan 8 for Feb interview. I had my type rating.
Another guy in my unit who applied in Oct without a type was told that if he got his type and updated his package they would look at his original package application date as if he had the type then, which would move him up on the pecking order for interview.
If anything it can't hurt, I read a trip report from a interviewee how interviewed last week. He said a Captain at SWA made the comment to the the Interviewees, "It is a buyers market out there right now for them, having a type when you show at the interview helps."
I would venture to say that if you are the kind of person they want it will not matter if you have a type rating or not. But it may help get you the interview, which is the foot in the door.
I feel extremely fortunate and Blessed to have been called for an interview. But I do know that there will be 24 other pilots there that are just as if not more qualified than I am. I just pray that God smiles on me that day and at the Chief pilots board.
Good luck
Just got back from Higher Power. One of the owners, Mark, told us of two individuals in your shoes. Both already had apps on file and went ahead and got their types before they were called for an interview. One faxed his type in on a Monday and was called the next day. The other faxed his type in on Monday and was called on Thursday.

The SWA people that came to see us in class said that they didn't have as many people with types in the applicant pool as they would like.

I think you'll get a call within a week. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info it is greatly appreciate. Sounds very promising. I hope I am able to change my screen name very shortly. Good luck to everyone, especially to those who are unemployed.


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