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SWA Interview Prep

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Oh Yeahhhh
Nov 26, 2001
SWA interview in January. Thought I'd shoot the load and give it my best shot. I've heard there's a former SWA interviewer who provides a prep session for the interview. Does anybody know who this is and how to get in touch with him/her?

The guy you have heard about is Rob "Mozam" Beeks. Former AF who is now a Capt for SWA. I don't think he has ever been an actual interviewer for SW but he definitely knows how the process goes. I used his prep service and it was worth every penny. Shoot him an email ASAP: [email protected]. He gets booked up early. Good luck!

Ditto on Rob Beeks prep service. [email protected] or (480) 575-9310. Contact him YESTERDAY to set up interview prep. I did 3 1/2 hours on the phone with him for $250, worth every penny. He also has some great software to help you make your forms presentable for the interview. Yes, I got hired. So did 3 of my good buddies who used him. In fact, nearly everyone who uses his services gets hired, definitely over 90%. That's much higher than the average SWA hire rate, which I've heard is about 1 in 3 (that's a big wag, I've heard everything from 15%-40% hire rate). Call him! Congrats and good luck!

Yes, I was hired. I am just waiting on a class date assignment. Mozam's success rate is well over 90%. I did my type rating at Higher Power: highly recommend them if you get to that point.

Best wishes,

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