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SWA interview hotel

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New member
Dec 28, 2001
Anyone else have a SWA interview on Jan 15th and, if so, what hotel are you staying at?

Where do SWA pilots stay while in training?


I have an interview on the 15th. I will be staying at the Clarion Suites. It was recommended to me by a friend who is now on with the company. They are close and cheap. A list of hotels with phone numbers should be in your application package. The Clarion is 214-350-2300. Comfort Suites is 214-350-4011. The others are rather high end. Radisson 214-351-4477 Marriot Courtyard 214-352-7676 Sheraton 800-442-7547 and the local dark horse Harvey Hotel 214-630-8500. The Clarion people were really friendly and as soon as I asked about availability, the woman asked if I was coming down for a Southwest interview. She asked to be kept in mind for the ground school... 55 days.

Hope springs eternal as I wish every night and day to be booking that hotel for 55 days. Drop me a line if you stay at the Clarion.
See you down there and "Best of Luck"


He is interviewing at Southwest because it is the best **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** airline in the Universe!!!!!!!!!! That's my guess. Low Fares Rule!
Show me the peanuts!

Do I take it from these posts that when you are hired at Southwest you pay for your hotel while in training?
SWA Hotel Info

I'm not sure what post it was, but I remember reading that SWA is unique in that area compared to most major airlines. The post said they do pay for the hotel stay whike in training with them.

If you want to stay where the DB Captains stay..Or ..If you want to stay at the place where the interviewers stay..Or where most of the Chief pilots stay..Perhapes even where the Captains in upgrade training stay.

You might want to stay at the Radisson N.W Highway

2330 West Northwest Highway Dallas Texas..75220

I dont guess anybody would want to have a chance to meet any of these guys before their interview..


There is a reason why this ones not on the list that comes with your interview packet..Hehehehehehe..
Radisson NW is definitely good info. The night before my interview I talked to several pilots on recurrent and upgrade training and actually met one of my interviewers (did not know it until the next day of course). I learned quite a bit about current pilot issues and the company that night over a beer (just one to relax, right?). I was told about the Radisson ahead of time and I can only say that it probably didn't hurt to talk to the folks there (got the thumbs up a month later). Have fun at your interview.


The Radisson is listed on the packet I got. It is a different number so I called both numbers and they both answer at the same place.

I am interviewing on the 21st at 8am, anyone else?


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