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SWA Interview and info.

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Feb 2, 2002
Hi Y'all,

Just had my interview with SWA and there were no surprises. All the gouge is right on and the people were very personable and professional. Great experience! Now I'll just stand at the edge of the pool and see if I get to jump in or just bring drinks to you all already swimming.

During our tour of the facility alot of info was shared.

1. The last month for interviews is this month.
2. The last classes are the ones in April.
3. Don't call us, we will call you after an interview.
4. Future plans could change tomorrow.
5. By 2005 SWA plans on hiring 700 -1000 pilots a year.
6. 2 new sims in by this fall.
7. There is a chicken on all the Sims. (I have no idea)
8. SWA rocks ( okay that was from me)
9. SWA is hiring for the pool because it is getting depleted.
10. SWA has taken delivery of 6 new planes.

The interviewers were all great to talk to and and the process was smooth and professionally casual.

Good luck to all my fellow interviewees as well as all with an app in.


As a brand new poolie, I'll bite. As listed in statement #2 "The last classes are the ones in April." What exactly did did they say or did you mean? The LAST classes or the last scheduled classes until they schedule more classes? Not flaming, here. Just wondering if you can give more details.

Good luck to you!
Rubber chickens

They're bird strikes....He He He, just kiddin. If I remember from my tour back in June, Dumbo said that is how Herb christened the new planes, with a rubber chicken since wine bottles might leave a dent...


All that was said is that the last scheduled classes are in April and that could change at anytime. They told us that if we were hired that it could be late fall or next year. But that was also with the caveat that things change rapidly and we should be ready to go if we are lucky enough to get in the pool.

Hey Clipper,

Thanks for explaining that. Sitting here in the pool, we grasp at any lifeline thrown our way. Your original post sounded as though it was finite, last class!

1st Qtr has not been real great for SWA. They might not post a profit. Consequently it's believed they are holding back making a decision about the schedule for new hire classes until they have the 1st qtr results.

The earliest I would go is probably late May (if they continue two classes per month). Hearing NO classes after April is a BAD thing.
We hang on every word.

Good luck with the DB.

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