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SWA info/rumors..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello guys and gals from the school house..

A couple of bits of info for you .

Hiring numbers for last year are as follows..

Resumes recieved= 2210
People interviewed= 1510
Hired= 450
Percentage of hired versus interviewed= 20.3%

Do to a much more competitive pilot market i would guess that the percentage will get much lower..

Look for a class of 26 every two weeks thru the end of May..The training people are saying that they have plans in place thru the end of August..

No plans to open any new bases or cities in 03..

For those of you that may feel like you are just hanging on..

This place is like no other place in the world...Do what ever it takes to stay afloat..

If i can help with any questions,just send me a PM and i will try to help in any way i can..



I should have said that the percentage is resumes versus hired..

I really need to proof read this stuff..



I'm in on the 14th ST. V. Day.

Any Idea on where everyone's going to be based and when you find out? Does seniority still go by age?
"I'm buying lot's of chocolates, life at SW is like a box of chocolates." What is the class itinerary? When do you get a decent break?

Sorry for all the questions I just had my WOTC interview today:rolleyes:

Thanks for all the good info...I'll tack on a couple questions too...

What have been the domicile drops for the 3 Jan and 17 Jan classes if they have found out yet?

What is the age span in your class? (ie. would 32 be middle or young)

What is the makeup of the 31 Jan class (civ/mil)?
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I talked with a friend of mine in the Jan 3 class today:

- Seniority by age.
- Top 3 got MDW, the rest got OAK.
- They found out bases last week (starting sims).
- He had most weekends off (one Saturday class), even had one 5 day period off and took the family to Disney World at MCO for 3 days (no kidding).
- Food: Breakfast free at hotel, lunch ~$5 at HQ cafeteria, dinner on your own (I'll bring a hot plate if you buy the food).

See you there soon,
Hi guys,

I was wondering what does it take to get hired at SWA apart from their min. specified requirement.
Are they looking at age also???
Are they looking for some min. experience before they even touch you? or type of experience?
Are references very important??

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks MLB
Most of the class got OAK huh?

I had heard it was easy to get BWI right our of class as it seems to be a junior base.

Is OAK pretty much a sure thing for junior guys right out of class?

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