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SWA HR Number

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Active member
Jan 16, 2002

I haven't received the interview package from SWA yet and was wanting to call back Lindsey Lane from HR (I believe that was her name) to see when she mailed it.

Like an idiot though I lost the sheet of paper I wrote down all the info about my interview on, including her phone number of course.

If anyone could provide me a number and confirm her name for me it would be much appreciated.


I got the call for an interview about 10 days ago and haven't received my papework yet either. I tried to call today, and Lindsey is out at a people workshop. She is do back on Wednesday afternoon if you can wait that long. Hope to see you down there!!!

Just a small amount of help...use the number above and Lindsey's last name is Lang. My interview is the 12th and I received my package 1 week after talking to Lindsey.

Good Luck!
HR Number

Lindsey Lang's direct number is 214-792-5446.

My paperwork was late also. I called her and left a vioce mail and it came in a few days. If you have done Rob Beeks prep, you can do all the paperwork exept the application ahead of time.

Good Luck.
SWA hiring forcast

Does anyone have current numbers for how many pilots SWA plans to hire in 2002? Have they defered some of their deliveries during this economic slump?
I was considering a 737 type rating course, but I'd like to get the lastest hiring numbers before making the investment.

Type or not

Talked to Lindsey Lang today. Here is the information I recieved. If your not typed it will be between 4 and 6 months from the date they recieve your signed application until you can expect an interview. No info on time span if your typed. As with all things, I am sure this is subject to change, but its knowledge and knowledge is power. Good luck to everyone trying to make it with Southwest. Great company and nice people.

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