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SWA good news/bad news kinda thing..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Ok guys and gals..

Just got done talking with someone that deals with manning..

This is another one of those good news / bad news kinda things..
So here it goes..

20 new aircraft for a net gain of 17..That works out to be 187 pilots for the 17 planes the way they figure it..

We have hired and have trained or are in the process of training 150 pilots..That leaves us 37 short..The two remaining classes will cover this number..
So as it stands the manning is about where it needs to be for the moment..

As always all this is based on the "planned" growth and can change in a moments notice.

The brite side is that this doesnt include the estimated 50 or so retirements that are going to happen this year..

A couple of notes about reserves and riding the couch..

As it stands they have way to many reserves in DAL and way to few in OAK and PHX..The reserves almost never fly in DAL and they fly about 90% of the time in OAK and about 40% of the time in PHX..They are looking at moving some of those numbers around to even up the usage..

Still trying to find a real number on how many are in the pool..

Be well

Just the facts, ma'am

Well Mike,

Unfortunately (for us on the outside) your numbers do add up.

17 planes = 187 pilots
Retirements = 50 pilots

For a total of 237 pilots - real close to the 250 pilots to be hired in '02 that has been the SWA position these past 4 months.

That is what is planned - so far. If business does not pick up I don't see any reason for SWA to add any more additional pilots.

Why incur the costs of additional pilots if the business isn't there to sustain them?

Until SWA announces additional aircraft orders it ain't gonna happen.

We can only hope business does pick up enough to continue the expanision.

Yes, those of us in the pool will be hired - someday. Of course the frustration is trying to pin down when. Tough for all of us in the pool, but more so for those of us who are furloughed or otherwise unemployed waiting for SWA to pick us up.

At least I've got the unemployment extension until mid June - many others (recently separated military guys for example) are SOL.

What do I do come June (rhetorical question)? I'm 77 on our poolie list. Getting hired this year by SWA is a long shot.

I think I'm going to walk away from this (mentally), try and get another job and then be pleasantly surprised whenever I get that call from JM.

By the way, did I mention that I'm bummed?

Just another bump in the road. There have been a few so far, and I guess more can be expected.

Good luck guys.


For your edification: The above censored text is a four letter word most military folks use when referring to fornication.
Long term...

Don't forget that in ten years from now, 3000 of the 4000 pilots we have now are going to retire. Your patience will be rewarded. I know that that doesn't help right now, but you will get called, and you're timing will be very good.
My .02,

Profits in the first qtr, the toughest qtr, especially compared to the rest of the industry plus orders of new jets both 1st and 2nd qtr equal more training classes sooner than later.

From Mike's post, it takes approx. 2 months from training date to the line; he also shows the math that the current classes (1 Apr and 1 Aug) account for all of these jets. Hence, one could assume no more classes if they assumed that SWA was not going to buy or take delivery of any more jets 3rd or 4th qtr.

The company has stated that their conservative plan based on continued profits (they should only get better in the summer time), is to pull the rest of the jets out the desert, and they still have scheduled 2002 buys. Most likey the plan is to buy jets in both 3rd qtr and 4th qtr, and hence they will have to lead turn the pipeline through training appropriately.

Therefore, I think they will have more classes by June at the latest!

At least the water is getting warmer with summer approaching...
Not that this is anything new....

I made my bi-monthly call to LL this morning to get my dose of reality. There was no real new news. She said there would be no interviews (for those of us sitting poolside working on our tan) in April or May, and that there will also be no classes this summer. She was also quick to add the standard disclaimer: "everything is subject to change".

....please pass the suntan lotion :cool:
Re: Long term...

SWAtrning said:
Don't forget that in ten years from now, 3000 of the 4000 pilots we have now are going to retire. Your patience will be rewarded. I know that that doesn't help right now, but you will get called, and you're timing will be very good.

75% of southwest pilots are over age 50? Somehow I find that hard to believe (that or every time I've ridden on SWA, I either get the 25% or folks that look really good for their age). Just curious if anyone knows the real scoop (or if SWAtrning is correct...)
I heard 1800 or so will be retired by 2012....dont know where I heard it...have tried to confirm it many times, but only have further rumor to back that up. You are right...that (3000) is a lot and sounds a little high...we need some reliable info here. I know SWA has put out bad gouge before...within the last year i know someone who was told in the interview that SWA had the highest first year pay in the majors...not true...but they ARE above average. I suspect that like many rumors, there is at least some truth in there and there are a hell of a lot of guys retiring soon, but maybe not quite 75%. Maybe all we need to walk away with is that the timing is in fact good right now and those still swimming will be rewarded.
On our tour of the training facility, Dumbo said 40% to retire by 2006. He also said they have had some senior bubbas calling in "rich", not sick. They have made so much from the stock that they are hanging them up early and enjoying the good life.

We can only hope that the trend catches on at SW.

I'm on the board tomorrow and holding my breath.
On Line

Hey shooter,

The time from start to finish for new hire TNG is exactly 6weeks for senior guys and 7weeks for babies. Don't count on any classes beyond what is being stated. I spoke with DAL ACP yesterday and we ARE staffed adequately. The first quarter profits are unacceptable in mgmnt's current view to continue any growth until yields improve and traffic increases considerably.

You can add BWI to the overstaffed CB's now as well. I was in NH04 and OAK is the first duty assmnt. for all NH's this year. Hopefully, I can get further east in spite of the slow down. I guess I'llhave to UL a new photo.

Good luck to all in the pool ! Keep the faith. This place rocks.


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