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SWA Furloughs

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2002
I know they don't however with SWA hiring in 2011 and Airtran hiring in 2011 does anyone think that swa will furlough after this thing is done. I know its all wild guess. Some are saying on other topics swa is going to use Airtran fleet to replace some of their aging planes. How are they going to keep everyone on property. Thinking of applying, risk of furlough scares me, fairly senior fo where I'm at.
NO - no furloughs.
Tell when its happened at Southwest.

Its part of the culture here - Gary Kelly has said "I would consider it a failure if I had to furlough anybody" Welcome to the BEST management team in the industry. Hope you like Wild Turkey!!! :D
If it matters, we are hiring newhires in 2011. We are typically not the type airline to hire until we furlough.
I am not saying you guys will be furloughing . I am just making a statement about this industry in general. No one in this business is safe. Wait 10 years and everything will change.
Its been 10 years, nothing has changed. 9/11, SARS, Depression etc.. We don't furlough, we are lean and mean.
Good luck with that. I hope your dream comes true. Like I said never say never. I hope it does not happen to anyone at any airline.

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