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Swa & Etops

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Feb 14, 2004
Heard a little rumor today that SWA is looking to have ETOPS certification by 2008.

Any SWA folks heard anything similar?
I have not heard that....
(o) (o),

Santa is going to put you on his naughty list if you keep that up.

I haven't heard that rumor either, but might as well get the ball rollin'.
Hal's right, SWA is supposed to have ETOPS by 2008 and take all the Hawaii flying from ATA. But maybe we heard the rumor from the same source?? I was in Chicago this week.
CaptSeth said:
That sure would make the 120 million dollar investment by MP Partners look pretty stupid.

Seth, the argument could be made that anyone investing $120M in this market at any airline is pretty stupid.

Somebody prove me wrong, please. :nuts:
I have have not heard the ETOPS rumor either. I have heard many other things (i.e. different cities, freight hauling, aircraft mods..) but not ETOPS.

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