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SWA DB date..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hey guys and gals waiting for the call to glory..

Just a reminder..The Decision board for all interviews in Jan will meet on Feb 20th..You should expect a call not later than two weeks from that date..

For those of you waiting to come to Dallas wanting an idea of what to study for the course...Here goes..

Memory items..

Know these and you will be WAY ahead of the course..

The Pass cards are the best and most current to use..If you have been to either Higher Power or K&S Aviation for the type you have the proper profiles..

Alot of people dont study much prior to getting here..But..Every little bit helps..

Someone recently asked me what i thought was the greatest difference between SWA and other places..

The bottom line is this..
Those things that you have heard and perhaps read in Nuts are not so much fluff or BS.Its an almost cult like obsesssion with treating every person here with respect and kindness..
The employees are treated like a big family and anything else is not tolerated..

Everybody opens doors for everyone and they will stop to help no matter how busy they are..
It doesnt matter what title you hold..You are just as special as the next person and are treated as such..

They simply care about their extended family more than anything else..Employees come first..Period..

Its better than you may have thought..

Rumor control

Just talked to LL at SWA People Dept.

The rumor of the DB on the 15th is not true -- DB still set for Feb 20.

PASS cards

Can anyone tell me where I can get the Pass flash cards? Also, I did my type at Aero Service, and they used Boeing flows, callouts memory items, and profiles. I'm in need of SWA flows callouts etc. can anyone provide me with this, or direct me where to go to get it? Thanks
PASS Cards

These study cards are good. I had my wife get me them for Christmas (Hey, it was an unemployed Christmas at my house!). Email for John Pansmith (the guy who makes them) is [email protected]. His phone # is (480) 963-6399. My understanding is most everybody buys them sooner or later so I figured I'd get them ahead of time. I think they were $45.

727 Driver,

HPA does not use SWA flows. HPA emphasizes the Captain (i.e. the guy getting the training) doing most everything vs. SWA that divides the tasks up more evenly. HPA did send me a handout after I was done (with my course completion certificate) that has SWA flows.

I went to HPA in November and asked about the SWA flows. I was told that SW had asked HPA not to teach their flows. It may be because of the splitting up of responsibilities versus the "Captain" doing most of the stuff. Maybe SW wants as many people as possible to be able to do flows as Captain versus splitting them up. (better training). This is just an idea.


I'm traveling to K&S in May. They sent me the study materials, but they are for the -200. Do they give you different pubs when you get there? Thanks.


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