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SWA contract

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Well-known member
Feb 14, 2002
I read in the contract proposal that the company is offering, among other things, more time off per month:
A primary factory affecting schedule quality is the number of work days and hard hours flown in a month. SWAPA has proposed targets for reducing average scheduled hard hours in a month. We propose the following targets for average work days:

13.45 work days - 31 day month
13.00 work days - 30 day month
As part of a new extended contract, the Company would be willing to increase the current contractual rigs, to provide the following industry-leading standards:

Duty-Hour Ratio - .74 TFP for each hour on duty or fraction thereof. (Effective 9/1/02)
Duty Period Minimum - 5.0 TFP (no change).
Trip Hour Ratio - 1.0 TFP per three hours (3:00) away from domicile (report to release) or fraction thereof. (Effective 9/1/02)
Average Daily Guarantee - 6.5 TFP per day per pairing. (Effective 1/1/03) (To be split for open time pairings, in accordance with existing practice for THR).

Does that mean they TRY to write all 13-day or less lines? i.e what is their goal right now with some 17 day lines out there?
What assurance does anyone have that they will actually do this?


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