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SWA Class info

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Well-known member
Dec 19, 2001
When I visited the training dep. in Aug01. they had 26 guys per class and 2 classes per month.
Any info about the current classes? The list seems to move up only 8 or 9 numbers/class.
The last update from AirInc calls for 250 total in 2002 and 116 so far.
Class size is currently 20 per with 2 classes per month. They were at 26 per class for one or two classes (Jan & Feb , I think), then scaled it back to 20 due to a problem with one of the sims.

It's assumed they will go back to 26 once the sim is back up and the training backup is alleviated; that is, if the demand is still there.

All of the above is based upon 2nd hand (at best) info, specualtion, wishful thinking and the deranged rantings of a man drowning in the pool.

So, of course consider it gospel! After all, what good is a rumor if you don't pass it around?
Wading in the Pool

Greetings all--

What a life, this airplane business.

Last week I was flying a mission for the reserves into an area of the world you and I never thought we would go, and had no desire whatsoever to do so. It was the full monty--blacked out, NVGs, holes on the runway, etc. Big fun for us; I don't think the army guys in the back enjoyed it so much, especially the part where they had to watch us take off and leave them there.

This week, while awaiting my "out of the pool" call from JM at SWA, I took some time out to actually go "wading in the pool" with my 2-year-old son for his "swimming" class. Funny, the other parents there (all mothers, of course) looked at my unshaven face with a look somewhere between curiosity and contempt, as if I had somehow gotten off the career track somewhere, and had nothing better to do than walk around the shallow end with my little boy singing "Wheels on the Bus." What a riot.

So the point is, I guess, that I haven't even really begun my new life as an airline pilot and already I'm fascinated by the lifestyle changes. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the call from SWA. It's so huge for me that I almost have a hard time believing it's real. Meanwhile, I guess I'll go back "over there" for another 40 hours and 14 days reserve pay (including a tax-exemption--cha ching!) and of course to update my German beer currency. I think I'll take a Hefe-Weissen this time.

Cheers to all, thanks for reading and good luck. Hope to see you all soon.


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