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SWA Call Or Write For Interview?

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Nov 25, 2001
Could those in the loop answer a question? Does SWA call you to schedule an interview or do they send a letter and tell you to call?

On a side note-anyone send in package with type this month and hear from SWA? I haven't received an acknowledgment. The delivery confirmation from the PO said it arrived on Feb. 2nd. They send a postcard or something to let you know they have your info, right?

Don't know about acknowledging the type,

I was called by Lindsey Lang to sked the interview. She's very friendly and answers her voice mail.

Try her at:(214) 792-5446. Email: [email protected]

Good Luck

ZMOTIC?? Infectious? Is that in a good or a bad way?:)
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I picked my user ID by picking the last word in the dictionary sitting on my desk. Not very clever-I know.

Thanks for the info, INHOT. I was wondering if they acknowledged receipt of the resume, supp. form, letters of rec. that you sent them, not they type. I happened to send my type and the above paperwork in together.
They sent me a letter acknowledging receipt of my application info, and then another letter telling me to call them for an interview date. That was all pre-9/11 though.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind you calling to confirm they received your stuff. In fact I called Jennifer after faxing my type rating info just to confirm that she got it, but I got my type after the decision board.

Mostly they only correspond with you on "major events" like decision board results, completion of pre-hiring events, etc. They call you for "good news" like class dates or DB success or if they need you to do something like a drug test.

Any other info is up to you to call them. Just don't be a pest ;)
Got my "We've received your package" letter 3 days ago, and I gave it to them at the Air Inc. sausage party on January 26th. I'm sure they have a few to sort through, though it wouldn't hurt to call politely. Best of luck to all--opie.
I just finished my type rating on Feb 4 and went by to drop off my app on Feb 5. I met Lindsay (a fellow Jayhawk) who took my app. I called two days ago to see what the status was.

Lindsay said they have to scan all the forms, resume and letters of rec into the computer, the chief pilot has to review everything for accuracy (mostly check if you meet the mins), and then you should get a letter. May take up to 4-6 weeks.

The day I handed Lindsay the app, she said to possibly expect an April interview, since I was type rated.

A friend of mine submitted his app back in October and completed his type two weeks before me. He had an interview this week (3 weeks after getting his type). Hope this answers your question.
Thanks man. Sounds like we are neck and neck. My info arrived via mail on Feb. 2nd(Sat) so I imagine it was opened the 4th(Mon). If you think of it, let us know when you get notified for an interview and I'll do the same.

What's a Jayhawk? Military thing?
It's a University of Kansas thing. Lindsey graduated in 2000. I graduated a little bit before her (1989). I'll keep you posted as well. I've heard rumors of 50 pilots per month for classes this year. But, the People Dept doesn't wan't to say that (won't make promises they can't keep: which is good). Good luck to all (including me) who pursue this endeavor.

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