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SWA Bases

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I know this question has been answered on the old board but the link is gone.

Would someone who knows please put these bases in order of seniority at the present time(or say they are more or less equal if so). Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, Phoenix, Orlando.

To put it another way, where do they send new-hires and how long would it take me to get to Phoenix (assuming they hired me). For the commute, I'd like to get out of Oakland as quick as possible and be based in Chicago until I could hold Phoenix. Do guys get Chicago out of training?
I think Phoenix is pretty senior. Chicago, Oakland, and Orlando are pretty common for new hires I think.

My copilot on my type rating check was a Houston F/O, who said she had been with the company for 4 months. A buddy just starting IOE said it looked like Dallas, of all places, was going to have some openings soon, but I've always heard that's the most senior base.

Rumor mill: new pilot domicile in Kansas City or Las Vegas this year...
As someone approaching my off-probation check here at SWA, here is my 2 cents on seniority.

Dallas is still the most senior base, and you can expect up to a year to get there.

Phoenix and Houston are next with approximately 4-6 mos. wait to get there.

Oakland and Orlando would probably be equal in seniority with a 2-4 month wait to get there, but since Orlando is a new base sometimes we get new hires down here right out of training.

If you want Chicago or Baltimore out of training til you can get Phoenix, you should be able to get them. Baltimore would probably be the most junior base, I'm thinking, but MDW should be no problem.

Obviously, just my gut feeling, and can change daily/weekly/monthly. Good luck, see ya here.
Thanks for clearing that up Booger Boy.
Now if you could just tell me when my class will be I will think you really do know something.
your friend,

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