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SWA Base Assignments

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001

Just finished with traininng and glad to be done. The last vacancy bid was awarded yesterday and everyone in my class (3/14) and the entire class 07 ( 3/27) are going to OAK.

Good luck to everyone. SWA is everything you hear and more. Just make sure you bring an extra liver to class. You'll need it.



Just checked the computer and looks like 1 month in OAK. I will be PHX in June. Gettin a little closer to the midwest. (I think?)

Congrats on training again! See ya in the logbook!

Same here: 1 month OAK, second month (June) PHX. Of course, you have to have some guys behind you for that to work I guess ;) Get a move on, April 25th guys!
Does anyone know how it currently looks to get to BWI?

I know things change all the time, and as a poolie it could be quite a while until I have to worry about a base assignment. But, just wondering.

Well, as my classmate CanyonBlue stated, one month in OAK just to get you in to SNA and SEA a few times seems right. My big question is how I got HOU for my second month online. We were told that DAL and HOU were the land of the very senior. A 7% raise each time I fly a -200 as well. Not bad for a short time I hope. I am amazed. every time you think you've got it fiqured out something changes. Well it's a far cry easier commute for BWI for me. I already have about 1/2 of my OAK duty traded for MCO trips. You gotta love the flexibility here.:eek:

BWI should be achievable by JULY/AUG with any luck.
Sweet Home Chicago?

My ultimate goal is to get to Midway and park it there for the rest of my career. Any guesses how long it will take me to get to Midway? (I'm approaching the shallow end of the pool.)


It would be safe to guess MDW in less than 6 mos.

Just a guess last summer MDW was the first stop for many...

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