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SWA/AT SLI Thread Search

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Quiet Flight

I love your mom.
Mar 14, 2006
Im looking for a thread that discussed SLI for SWA and AT. One of the first responders listed a methodology for SLI that was hillarious. Included items like "feats of strength" or "jumping of a high surface". Stuff like that. Just trying to find that response in particular. Thanks. Any help is appreciated.

AAI pilots have been advised by their MEC to not talk publicly about the SLI under any circumstances.

Anything you see on the internet is bogus unless published jointly by AirTran ALPA and SWAPA. Seeing how the two sides are in the process of setting up meeting dates, an official SLI is still a long way down the road.
If your talking about my post its the last one on this page.


Hell yeah dude! That is it. Thanks.

Headed to the gym now to work on Bench, then a bar later to work on tolerance. Might jump of garage tonight then second story tomorrow AM. Have to build up to these as well.

We also might consider:

Thumb Wrestling
Punch in the face from a girl (Most without bleeding wins here.)
Eating hot sauce and chili powder until "blowout".
Public Math
Getting laid at a WNBA game


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