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SWA App Availability date

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Well-known member
Aug 30, 2004
This may be a stupid question but what would you put in the availability date on the SWA app if you have to give your current employer a 4 month in advance notice when leaving them?
I have been pushing the date 4 months ahead of me, but is now wondering if the computer is not picking me for the same reason. I consider myself somewhat competitive (around 2000 Jet PIC Mil)

Maybe I am just to stupid to fill out the form ;o)
Man, I'd love to jump in when a fighter guy says he may be stupid...You'll get the call dude. Every military guy with 2000 jet PIC and a type rating will get the interview. Just ensure your availability date is within a year. Also, make certain that your application is completely filled out and digitally signed.
L'il J, I hope you're right. Where do you get the idea that all mil with the type will get the call. I've had the type since Feb, 1800 military PIC turbine, have a few hundred hours in the 737 (flying it currently as a reservist), and am flying RJs for Eagle... no call. Things that make you go Hmmmmm...?
Lil J,

I wish it were that easy...more than 2500 PIC jet, typed, and app in since Feb 03. There's no sure route.
I guess it's all perspective. I haven't heard of too many MIL guys not getting hired. It seems to me if you're not MIL then "Good Luck!"
Patiently patient

10k plus. Current 737 ca. 5000+ pic turbine. 3300 121 time. Civilian. 35. No call. I'm getting tired of being patient!

dsylexics untie!

So any of you care to answer my question ;o)

Strange you guys haven't gotten the call either. We must be missing some square !!
Could Be On to Something There

"We must be missing some square !!"

You might be; when was the last time you updated your application?

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