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SWA and AA Launch Recp. J/S Program for F/As

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Well-known member
Oct 7, 2003
The following was released to SWA F/As yesterday:

"Tuesday, November 1, 2005

On behalf of the more than 27,000 American Airlines and Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants represented by our organizations, we are thrilled to announce one of the first large-scale Flight Attendant Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements in the U.S. Airline industry.

This program is governed by a reciprocal agreement between American Airlines, Inc., American Eagle and Southwest Airlines Co. to further enhance the current structure of the JUMPSEAT AUTHORIZED PASSENGER SEAT ONLY PROGRAM currently available only to Cockpit Crewmembers. This program enhancement is designed to aid the commuting Flight Attendant who is flying between his/her home base and scheduled work domicile. In short, this allows all active American Airlines, American Eagle & Southwest Airlines Cabin Crewmembers to travel in what would be empty cabin seats free of charge on each others aircraft.

This privilege becomes effective November 15, 2005 on a trial basis and will be reviewed after six months to identify and address any concerns. At that time, a determination will be made as to whether we will continue and/or expand the program. We cannot stress how much of a benefit this program is to American/American Eagle and Southwest Flight Attendants and the potential it has to benefit all Flight Attendants throughout the U.S. It also cannot be overstressed the important role each of us who use this program will play in ensuring its future viability, growth and/or enhancement. What we are alluding to is the crucial role professionalism will play when traveling in the cabins of each others aircraft - especially in these times of corporate political difference, referring to the Wright Amendment initiatives currently playing out in the public arena. What is important to remember is this program is a benefit that eclipses the color or logo on your Company's aircraft. Actually, this program and your behavior when utilizing it speaks to your commitment to your chosen profession and demands each of us who utilize it to treat each other with the respect so duly earned as Flight Attendants.

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