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SWA 737 type for interview?

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Junior Birdman
Dec 6, 2001
Just heard from a SWA friend that they are "requiring" the 73 type for interview now... unofficially. Any truth or confirmation?

I know the type puts you in the short stack... at least.
Not required

A bud of mine interviewed last month and he didn't have the type (+/- 3500 military heavy time, lots of quality PIC, strong letters)

They are using a "competetive screen" to decide who to interview now. No reliable info as to what that consists of, but I bet a type helps a lot.
73 Type

Rob Beeks (Mozam) told me that your chances of an interview without a 737 type are "geting slimmer". I submitted in Sept and updated in January at the Dallas Air Inc Seminar, hoping the grip and grin would help. I know of several in the past that got calls the next week for an interview after some face time, but in these trouble times it didn't seem to help. Any way, I start MY type rating tomorrow!
App sent in : May 2001

Called for interview: Jan 2002

Interviewed: Feb 2002

No type rating.

Hope this helps.


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