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SWA 737-200's...

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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
Does anyone know if Southwest will still include the 737-200 differences training this fall? I've noticed quite a few differences in the 200 from the 300/500/700 and would like to keep the review simple.

How many 737-200's remain at SW? When do they plan to retire the last one?

If SWAPA votes in the latest 200 deal, (DAL-HOU pilots only), then 200 diffs will no longer be taught to new-hire/upgrade classes. We have approx. 26 200's now. Depending on when new classes start again (hurry), it could be a while before the 200 stuff is removed from training. Don't worry, we don't put too much emphasis on the 200 training, and all checking is in the 300 at this time, except for a loft in the -700.
My understanding is there is about 30 left and they are all based out of Texas. I believe I was told this so they only have to give the differences training to the Dallas and Houston guys.
Hey there SWAtrning, How things in Dallas. I am sitting in El Paso waiting for the next trip. I talked to your cousin the other day and he seems to be doing well. Later and Congrats again.

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