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SWA 2 year reapply restriction

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New member
Apr 27, 2002
Long story short.....

I, stupidly as it turns out, turned down a class date with SWA around September 2, 2001 in anticipation of starting class with AA around October '01. On Sept. 12, I called SWA, begging to get back in the pool. Predictably, I was told, "Sorry, you'll have to reapply 2 years from your original application date." My original application date was Feb. '01......

Recently, I ran into a pilot friend who tells me of several applicants he is aware of who got shot down with SWA, reapplied earlier than the 2 year reapplication window, and eventually got hired.

Question: Would it be wise for me to wait until Feb. '03 to reapply, or should I disregard SWA's 2 year reapplication policy, put in my paperwork, and hope for the best?

Grateful for you thoughts
I would get the actual names of those applicants and find out directly from them if that is true. The old "get it from the horse's mouth". It would be terrible to squeak into the process only to be disqualified later for not waiting the two years and then having to wait another two years. What a waste of time. Good Luck.
For what it is worth ...

I have heard of pilots getting shot down at SWA, but with a letter waiving the 2 year wait down to one year - those maybe the guys you've heard of.

I applied in February 2202 after getting my type rating. After applying, I found out the Navy wouldn't let me out until 2004, vice 2003, so I had to pull my application. I wouldn't think the 2 year rule would apply to me, but am not sure. Does this situation fall outside of the two year rule?


What do you mean you "had to pull your application?" Does SWA require that you be within a certain time frame from your separation date before you apply? Is your application on file with them at all? It would seem to me that you should leave your application on file with them, and on that application you would note very clearly your separation date of 2004. That way, they know you're still interested if flying for them, and they know your separation date so they can interview you at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, you can send in updates of your flying hours, or change of address, or whatever. The important thing is, you're still on file. If, as you say, you "pull your application," then they have no way to know what your status is. They don't know if you've given up on the idea of flying for them, or if you've decided to retire from the Navy, or if you got hired by another airline or whatever. You don't exist to them, and this is not good.

A bunch of my buddies interviewed more than a year out from their original separation date, and entered the hiring pool. Some of them are stop-lossed, so they won't get to class before about 18 months from their interviews. My one year interview anniversary is approaching. So two years out seems very reasonable to have your application on file.

Also, the two-year reapplication applies to people who, for whatever reason, have been unsuccessful in the interview process or have turned down a bona-fide offer of employment, usually by declining a class date or worse, not showing up for a class date (good luck of ever going back to SWA, or any other airline for that matter, if you do the latter). It should have no bearing on your case at all, since you did not go through any of the formal application process.

Put that application back in! Unless, of course, you're prohibited from doing so by SWA's rules. If that is the case, make sure your application arrives on Jennifer's desk the very day your application window opens.

HPaul, thanks for your concern and well-thought out reply. The rule at Southwest is that you can't apply until a year out. This is the e-mail reply I got from Lindsey when I let her know I couldn't get out:

"Sorry it has taken me a little while to get back with you! We do only
look at military individuals a year out from their separation date. So
I am going to have to pull your app from the process and next year when
you are closer to your separation date, go ahead and resubmit. With
retirements and aircraft deliveries that are scheduled over the next
couple years things look good for hiring! ...........
Please keep my contact information and let me now when you are going to
resubmit your information."

She was quite nice about the whole thing and even Fedex-ed me back my resume, application and rec. letters. Believe me, I'll be WALKING my app back into the People Dept when one year out arrives.

The good thing is I've got an extra year to pay off the type rating, I'll have more T-34 instructor time and the airlines should only be getting better by the time I can apply, interview and get out, barring any other unpleasant world events. (Knock on wood, carry a rabbit's foot, PRAY!)

God bless and best wishes to all in the pool. Keep treading!
Thanks for the info, Bluto...

Mr. Bluto,

Thanks for the info! The great news for you is, Lindsey already knows who you are, probably better than most applicants, because of your stop-loss circumstances and because she had to handle your application a little more than most. When the time comes, she'll remember you, and that's just what you'll need to get on your way. And she'll certainly appreciate the fact that your application will arrive exactly one year out. Great plan!

thebluto said:

The good thing is I've got an extra year to pay off the type rating, I'll have more T-34 instructor time and the airlines should only be getting better by the time I can apply, interview and get out, barring any other unpleasant world events. (Knock on wood, carry a rabbit's foot, PRAY!)

Can I get a loud "AMEN" from the congregation? :)

Best wishes Bluto and all SWA hopefuls! Let's hope they get quickly back to interviewing, hiring, training and expanding.

Here's the other thing about Lindsey and remembering me. I walked my app into the Peolpe Dept. the day after I got my type rating at Higher Power. And, to be fun-spirited , I wore my Kansas Jayhawk tie. When Lindsey came out to take my app, she said, "Oh, you went to Kansas, too?" I thought, "Sweet!" I 've already made some points. So, we got to talking a little about B-ball and the upcoming March Madness, so I've got something to jog her memory later with the fellow alum thing. (She graduated quite a while after I did, though. 2000 vice my 1989.)

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