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SW waiting time for int w/ type

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jon coqtoestone

Well-known member
Feb 18, 2002
Greetings, all. Quick question, kind of a follow-up to the "update" thread. If you submitted application after you got the type, how long might it take to get called for interview? Here are my stats:

Typed: DEC 01
App submitted: DEC 01
"we got your stuff, you're in the pile, be patient" letter dated: JAN 02

(I know it's a shame that I got the app in so late, but it took a long time for my 3 literate cronies to get their letters back to me . . .)

I understand the need for patience, but curious how long is too long (ie, if I'm lost and must do something to get found).

Thanks for any info. Cheers!

"Sincerely, Irwin M. Fletcher, ps, have a nice day.":)
Time beween app. and interview

It took about 6 months for me to get a call for the interview after sending my app. in. This was back in the summer of 2000, so I'm sure things have changed quite a bit. I actually got two of those "your in the pile be patient" letters before I got the call. I'm sure that your in a much better position than I was since you already have the type. I'm sure they have a lot of apps. to wade through, but atleast your in the "already typed" pile. The call will come...as the letter states "be patient":D Good luck

I sent my app in Nov. 28, 2001.
Got the "we have your stuff" letter Dec.6, 2001.
Got the interview call Feb 25, 2002 for an interview
March 18th.

Hope this helps.
Swimmer and wnt2fly, thanks for the replies. I feel that it'll probably not be too much longer, but was just curious nonetheless. Living on $205/wk is beginning to cramp my style!

Ya'all take care. Cheers!

"Put it on the Underhill tab." :)
Let us know, Jon! : )

Hey Jon,

I'm in the same boat... I have the type, and have submitted my stuff (just two weeks ago).

Would ya mind posting when you get your interview?

It would be great if we could get a few more posts from people with info on their apply-to-interview waits.
Applied - early October 2001

737 type complete - January 2002

Call for interview - February 2002, for March interview

The rest is yet to be determined (wish me luck)
Updated Interview Info

KC-10 Driver,

Good Luck!:) Let us know how it goes.

For everyone still waiting for an interview...

I was waiting for a late inbound aircraft yesterday, when a very friendly Southwest crew came up and started talking to me and my crew. Turns out the Captain is on the hiring committee. He had some very interesting info regarding how people are selected for interviews.

In the past (and by "past", I mean when I last interviewed with SWA in 1993, so this may have changed long ago, and I may be posting stuff everyone already knows), they selected people for interviews based on chronological order; when an application was received, they checked to make sure the mins. were met, stamped it with a date, and placed it on the bottom of the pile. Then when it came time to call people for interviews, they just started grabbing from the top of the pile. Apparently this is no longer the case. He stated that now each application is given a score. Those with the highest scores interview first.

He also said that officially, Southwest had plans to hire a total of 250 lucky pilots this year, but rumors were rampant that this number is likely to be doubled.

I didn't ask him if there was any word if they would continue interviews again in May after taking a break during April.

Sure hope I get to meet him again soon...
Thanks for the info. I fear that a rather poor career decision made a year-and-a-half ago may have cost my app some serious points, and I may be at the bottom of the pile for quite some time. (left a regional captain job to fly 737's for a troubled major -- didn't seem like a really bad idea at the time, but that's another, long story . . .) I guess that's all part of the "live and learn" that makes this life so interesting.

Thanks to those "in the know" who share info here, and a hearty best of luck to all who've gotten the call and those waiting for a call.


Me too, Jon

jon coqtoestone said:
Thanks for the info. I fear that a rather poor career decision made a year-and-a-half ago may have cost my app some serious points, and I may be at the bottom of the pile for quite some time....

I'm in just about the same boat, Jon... I left aviation altogether in late 1995. I, too, was a captain at a regional airline. 1995 was the year I became eligible to re-apply at SWA after interviewing in 1993. It also turned out to be the first year in SWA history that they did not accept pilot applications. The whole industry was in the doledrums, and I made the terrible decision to give up on flying. Left the business for almost five years. Now I'm back, flying for a regional again. But I think the damage may be done. I'll be lucky to get an interview at SWA at all. If I do get the interview, I don't know if they'll be able to get past the fact that I quit flying for several years. I sure wouldn't blame them.

It seems to me that you made your decision based on what you thought would further your career, i.e., improve your chances at getting on with SWA. They might look at it this way as well. I hope they do man... Best of luck.
From what I understand, all it takes is an opportunity to give the honest, up-front explanations face-to-face. I do believe Southwest is blessed to have great, real people working for them, so I think our odds are better than if we were discussing companies that take on a somewhat adversarial approach.

Hopefully, we'll get our opportunity to meet these fine folks in the very near future! Keep the faith, brother!

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