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SW Phone #?

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2002
I mailed in my application package two months ago; certified mail/w return receipt. Received the signed return receipt a week later, then nothing. Everyone I've talked to who applied at least received a letter of acknowledgement within a few weeks. I am wondering if my app. ever reached it's final intended destination, and would like to call and confirm they have me on file.

Any help would be appreciated.
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It took two months for me to receive a letter from SWA saying they have received my application and were reviewing it. Patience is a required viture in todays airline pursuit world!
Hehe this will be a good chance for you to practice your "waiting patiently" checklist, and patience is one of the key elements to surviving the entire Southwest process with your sanity intact ;)

Expect loooong periods of apparent inactivity followed by brief (and sometimes totally unexpected) bursts of exciting news. No news is sometimes good news. On the bright side, as long as you don't become a pest, the folks at the People Dept don't mind taking your calls and answering your questions at pretty much every step of the process.

If you got the return receipt, they got your app. The letter is just going to say, "Thanks for your interest, we're evaluating your info." The letter AFTER that is the one you want :D
I called and talked to Lindsay Lang a few days ago. She is real nice and doesn't seem to mind talking. She pulled me up in her computer (I've yet to interview). She even said if I didn't hear anything in a couple of months to call her back.
Wait till after the interview....

We wait our whole lives to get a letter for an interview. I was such a freak I opened the mailbox slowly just hoping for something other than a bill.

You get the interview and then you pray not to get a letter (SWA... Letter=BAD). Then I opened the mailbox even slower hoping just to find bills.

That was the longest 2 months I can ever remember...

Hang in there.... Patience Danielson.

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