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Sun N Fun & the learjet

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Couldn't go this year.....

If anyone went, would love to hear about the Learjet!!

Did he fly in the airshow? What did he do?

If this info was already posted somewhere, let me know!!

Lear & Space Shuttle

Yes, he was in the show. If you happened to be looking at the right moment you could see the space shuttle going up behind him as he did his thing. It was a nice moment.

Can you say green with envy?

I was browsing the Sun N Fun site to see if the performance was videotaped. No luck yet.
Well he mostly did loops and barrel rolls. He did two really cool things, first he did a roll just after takeoff. Then he did a Bob Hoover move, he touched down with one gear, he then toke off did a roll, then came down and touched with the other gear, all in the length of the runway.

The bi-plane dueling was pretty cool, they had Jim Leroy vs. the Jet powered Waco, it just isn't right seeing a Waco climb like a jet fighter.

The Sun-Fun airshow was just plane awesome. I do have two pictures from the show they are the last two in this folder. I'm still trying to recover the ones of the lear, the photo shop ruined them.

The Lear was a good show. The roll on takeoff with the gear and flaps out set the mood for the entire routine, it was great.

Also he has a great smoke system also.

Bobby Younkin aslo does the BE-18 show and I believe he also does the 985 powered Pitts (Sampson), not sure though.

I have some great photos of the Lear.

Aslo the jet powered Waco uses a CJ-610, all I can say is WOW!

When the Waco and the pitts were duelling, that was one of the highlights of the Sunday show.

As always, SunNFun was a hit.


Thanks for the info...

personally interested in the show because I have time in 49CK :)
(as do a few others on this board.....)

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