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Sun Country Shutdown

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Mark Travel Signs on with ATA

I can't believe that LaMacchia would tank SunCountry. ATA is putting all the 72's back in the air in order to fly what SHOULD have been SunCountrys flying.

I saw a ATA 727 in STL yesterday where SunCountry used to park.

Sad day for the SunCountry folks.

Well I guess the LaMacchia family is entitled to do what they please with their little airline, even if it makes them look like Steven Wolf. (I think it's Steven, the guy from UAL and USAIR) Anyway, the hard times just got harder for all the employees of SCA, my heart goes out to them. However, as a Champion Air pilot on furlough, maybe this is a new beginning to our future?????
Ditto what Sydeseet said,

Very sorry to hear the bad news for all of the SCA folks. I wish all of them luck in securing new jobs and a future for them and their families sake.

But also, I can't help but thinking what impact this may have on Champion Air as well (as another furloughed pilot). With many of the majors screeming for consolidation to ease cost (American-TWA, United-USAIR, Delta announcing that it is looking), makes me wonder if there might be a similar effort within our market.

Wonder if Champion Country, or American Sun Champion are viable possibilities? Probably not, just due to the dynamics, but there are no certainties in this business. But Sun Country did own a significant piece of the vacation wholesale market, for which there is now a vacancy. Some company (if not all of them) will surely be trying to move on that business. Its just a matter of which company is in a better position to take advantage.

And of course there is always the possibility that the Sun will rise again, with proper backing and reorganization. Everyone thought that Midway was down for the count, but it looks like they may startup again soon.

The timing of this is very sad though for the families and employees of SCA, right before the holidays. Christmas has already pretty much been cancelled at our house unfortunately, but I still feel fortunate enough to have some heads-up so I could prepare for it (30 day notice). Sounds like they had much less than that.
This sucks, a good friend of mine's father and uncle were both Sun Country 727 captains. Both are in there mid-fifties. Wow that sucks!:(

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