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Sun Capital Partners????

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Well-known member
Oct 13, 2005
It appears that our company is going thru a "leveraged buyout" by a company by the name of Sun Capital Partners.

My question is: Does anyone know themselves or somebody who has been thru a similiar situation? And If so did Sun Capital keep the flight department in place?

Just trying to make an informed decision to stay and see what happens or jump off the potential "Titanic".

Thanks for the help..
What kind of financial shape is your company in?

Are they gonna "roll it up" with another of their companies?

Is your current aircraft "marketable?"

Is your current management staying in place?

How marketable are you?
Answer to the questions:

1. Right now the business is in a downturn, typical business cycle.
2. No
3. Lr-35, Cl601
4. Some management will change.
5. I don't know, you can see my quals.
Looks to me like with close to 5000 hours and 4 types, 2 current, you won't have a problem finding a job somewhere. There are a TON of Learjets out there, and I see at least 1 Challenger job a week on planejobs.com.
go with your gut. but in the mean time start looking and get some interviews. that way when/if the axe falls at least you will be ready.
Thanks guys for the insight. Right now it's status quo..Just going to ride out the storm and wait and see what happens. Right now it is hard to move with kids and family commitments. Plus, I can make 275.00 a week on unemployment. :bawling: And Wally world is always hiring door greeters.:laugh:
Are you based at KTYS?

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