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Sully's Story

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Active member
Mar 19, 2005
Day 4 Trial Transcript

I said this reminds me of a situation that occurred
one time when my older daughter was very small and I was driving her school, to grade school. And out of the blue she asked one of those questions parents are never quite prepared to answer. And she said -- it wasn't where do babies come from or why is the sky blue. Instead, it was, "Daddy, what does integrity mean?" And after a few moments I came up with an answer that, in retrospect, was probably a pretty good one. I said, "Integrity means doing the right thing even if it's not convenient."
"Doing the right thing even if it's not convenient"

Isn't that what the East pilots are trying to avoid?
I liked this exchange on integrity and the lack thereof from the East pilots. They agreed to the process, but when they didn't like the result they abrogated their responsibility as men.

Notice the East attorney being told to "sit down."

Sully be cross examined by Mr Harper, the West attorney.

Q. But it was a result of a process, correct?

A. It was the result of the process that ALPA had in place at the time.

Q. And that was agreed to both by the East MEC and the West MEC?

A. Correct.

MR. BRENGLE: Objection.

THE COURT: Overruled. Please sit down.

THE WITNESS: It is my understanding that that is


Q. So you would agree with me, wouldn't you, that when a pilot gives his word, he or she should keep it?

Who could ever trust these guys to keep their word?
I am nothing but an innocent bystander, but it really is unfortunate that Sully agreed to do this.

He had absolutely nothing to gain from it and a lot to lose.
Sully was way more Lucky than good. It's a fact. Not one many like to hear but it's the truth.

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