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Jan 30, 2002
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Here are the revised flight plan suffixes:

Question: What is the appropiate suffix for this aircraft? Non-RVSM, Mode C (S), DME equiped aircraft with a single Universal UNS-1M "FMS" with GPS and DME/DME RNAV/position updating (enroute and approach). Or is this unit a NMS - Naviagational Management System (we saw both terms on a MEL revision last year). Our UNS-1M does not A/P couple in enroute VNAV, only on GPS VNAV (which is not certified anyway in this operation). We have been filing /G.

Previously /F was a single FMS with equipment requirements of /E a-d (which included dual IRU and the specs of AC 25-15/AC 20-130A).

What is the definition of FMS vs NMS? A better one than AIM 1-1-20. I haven't reviewed the ACs yet.

What about an ICAO suffix?

What RNP does the UNS-1M meet? (Nothing in the manual (1996) references RNP). What is a good reference for RNP definitions and capability?
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