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New member
Feb 7, 2002
I am currently residing in FL. but will be moving to Madison, WI in May. I have the following times: 625 TT, 183 Multi, 163 Turbine(102 PIC),53 actual Inst.

My questions are: Do I have enough time to be competitive in the regionals? Should I start submitting resumes?

Does anyone know of any flying jobs in the Madison ,WI area other than Wisconsin Aviation? I am currently instructing and should have around 700TT and 195 Mel by May. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help.
i'd hate to be the one to say that ya need more Total Time but that is probably the case unless you know someone at a Regional

I would have to agree, you probably will need a lot more time.
I think I need a lot more time, but it doesn't hurt to send them out. If you don't send them, they will never know you are interested with the company. Keep sending them in with updated hours and hopefully when a lot of them start hiring again they will know that you are interested.
It never hurts to send em out....I interviewed last month at a regional with 1550 TT and 850MEL, everbody else there (6 others) had over 2500TT. Also I just read in the Aviation Employment Placement Service (AEPS) magazine that even though Comair's minimumns are still 1200TT and 200MEL, competitive times are 3200TT right now. They are also receiving 400-500 resumes a week. Keep plugging away on those hours, it is bound to get better sooner or later. Good luck.


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