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A lisp is nothing. Stuttering will depend on the serverity, I'd imagine. I knew an artist who had a serious stuttering problem. It would take him several seconds to get a group of words out.

Althoguh I've never met a pilot with a stutter, judging from the non-pilot I knew, I would say it shouldn't be a too much of a problem. I can't recall any medical reg. requiring perfect speech. Can't be any worse than the southern drawls encountered, or the French and Chinese pilots out of JFK. I feel for those controllers. Some of the communications between certain foreign carriers are downright scary.
FWIW.... some people who have issues with stuttering find that when they are able to hear them selves through a hearing aid it almost eliminates the stutter. With that logic ,if you have the side tone up enough and can hear yourself talk on the radio.. who knows it might help.
Also, people do not stutter when talking to pets.


You could bring your Chihuahua with you on all flights, and pretend you are talking to him.

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