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Stun guns in the cockpit

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Nov 27, 2001
Stun guns in the cockpit- new video

The Allied Pilots Association has posted a video on the public web site that dramatically demonstrates how non-lethal weapons have no place in the cockpit. The video was produced in cooperation with the union and ex-Special Forces personnel.

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I'm no expert, but consider the consequences of mixing the circuit breaker panels with the voltage of a stun gun. I think I'd much rather have a pilot armed with a firearm.
One of the majors- I forget who- did a test flight on an A320 and repeatedly touched a stun gun to various points in the cockpit looking for any undesirable results. There was no effect. I don't think that's an issue in an aircraft certified to deal with lightning strikes.
The real issue is if we are willing to pit an airline pilot, who may or may not have training in martial arts or unarmed combat, against a fanatic who may have been training for his mission for years. The easily defeated, two shot maximum Tasers are definitely not a sure thing. The only thing capable of neutralizing the threat is the Great Equalizer, the firearm.
Why do you think we don't have terrorist threats on private charters and biz jets? Probably because those operators have a better idea of who their passengers are. More thorough screening of WHO they are (the passengers) as opposed to leaving it up to the guys up front to shoot a possible hijacker is much safer than having firearms and tasers in the cockpit IMHO!
Remember, anyone with a weapon can be disarmed and have that weapon used against them. The other answer would be to let everyone carry firearms thereby overpowering the threat by shear numbers... NOT going to happen.

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