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Well-known member
Mar 5, 2002
I have a private pilot handbook, private pilot maneuvers book, far/aim, private pilot practical test study guide, private pilot test guide, and some sheets of information that my instructor gave me. What other study materials should I get? Do I need any more? Thanks
The handbook, maneuver book, far/aim gives you the how & why of things. The Practical Test Standards IS the test.

You might wish to get Gleim's Aviation Weather & Weather Services ( a single book covering AC 00-6A & AC 00-45E). I found it quite useful to have all the weather stuff in one book instead of flipping back and forth, plus Gleim cuts a fair amount of verbiage while going into a bit more detail compared to the government books.

Flight Training Handbook (the FAA may have replaced it with something similar - pity), Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Aviation Weather, Aviation Weather Services, your airplane's POH, and the Practical Test Standards.

Notice that at the top I am giving you the FAA's publications. No matter what commercial publications there are, the FAA's pubs are always the LAST WORD on how a maneuver or procedure is to be performed or executed.

Having said that, you can get William K. Kershner's Student Pilot's Manual online or probably from most any FBO. But, you still do everything the way your instructor tells you. He/she knows what it takes to train you and for your to pass your practical test.

Good luck with your training.
I think that Gleim books are the best to study for the written test. All of the questions are in there, they do a great job at explaining the neccessary material, and you can e mail Gleim to update the questions for any changes the FAA has made to the written test. The questions change from time to time and it has been real helpfull to get the correct Q&A's

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