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Strobe or anti collision light

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Well-known member
Sep 22, 2002
I want to put a single strobe on an expermental aircraft. The only good place I can find is on bottom. I was told this was not legal unless it had another on top.
I can't find it in the regs. Anyone that knows please help. I have seen other small aircraft with only one strobe on bottom, but I want to be legal.
Also, this is a two place biplane with electrical system and is only flown locally, so do I need an ELT? The regs say no if it's one place or used for training which it is not. Anyone care to share their knowledge with me.

FAR 23.1401 addresses your strobe or anti-collision light concern. Unfortunately, there isn't a clear answer to your question, as it depends on the light field of produced from the lights themselves.

This is also a Part 23 certification requirement, and doesn't necessarily apply to your "experimental" catagory biplane.

I know of no regulation that explicitly requires two beacon/strobe lights on any airplane, but the (certified) airplane must meet the standards outlined in 14 FAR 23.1401 or 25.1401.

While your airplane is being operated under the "experimental" category, you are still operating under 14 FAR 91 regulations. Specifically relating to your ELT question, 14 CFR 91.207.

Note 91.207(f)(3)

Hope this helps.

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