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Street Captain opening $135,000 - no degree & only 5-years prior experience required

Coool Hand Luke

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May 7, 2006
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Street Captain opening $135,000 - no degree & only 5-years prior experience required

Look what working in a profession where people won't do your job for free because they just love it so much will get you.

This position is responsible for commanding the operation of the vessel in the absence of the vessel master and supervising the work of deckhands and engineers. Must have 1600-ton unlimited license and 5 years experience as a Sr. DPO Operator, ISM, Vessel Security and HSE certifications. Position also requires Vanuatu license TWIC card, STCW, GOM Oilfield experience and experience working on a foreign flag/foreign-built vessel.


• Determine the course and speed of his vessel (Check)

• Maneuver vessel to avoid hazards (Check)

• Continuously monitor vessel’s position using charts and navigational aides (Check)

• Direct and oversee crew members who steer the vessel and determine its location (Check)

• Operate engines (Check)

• Communicate to other vessels (Check)

• Perform maintenance (ahh, not so much...LOL)

• Handle lines and operate vessel equipment (Check, OK maybe just the coffee maker and lav. Does that count?)

• Ensure that proper procedures and safety practices are followed (Check)

• Check that machinery and equipment are in good working order (Check)

• Oversee the loading and discharging of cargo or passengers (Check)

• Maintain logs and other records to track the vessel’s movement, status and equipment malfunctions (Check)

• Record, track and make efforts to control pollution (No, but if you want for this salary I'll chip in for some carbon offsets even though it's a joke)

• Record and track passenger carrying history, number of bunks, meals served etc, that pertain to the operations of the job (Check)

• Keep open lines of communication between each vessel and theVice President of Marine Operations (Check)

• Maintain, update and fax daily status reports and other forms requested by Vice President of Marine Operations. (Check)


This position requires strong leadership qualities. You must be able to work as a team and possess excellent communication skills. The ability to solve issues effectively and efficiently amongst captains, engineers and deckhands, as well as, other management within the company is a must. It is necessary for this position to be able to conduct operations in a safe and efficient manner. (check, check and check)


• Must be licensed by the United State Coast Guard or be commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navel Reserve, Merchant Marine Reserve or the Coast Guard Reserve.

• Must have at least 3 years experience in the oil and gas industry in the water transportation service.

Experience / 3 yrs 0 months (check)

Education: High School Diploma / GED (check)

Workweek: 30 hours or more per week (are you kidding me? CHECK)

Shift: Rotating (again, are you kidding me? CHECK)

Pay Details: $111,000/ year minimum / $135,000 year maximum (uh, sign me up)
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SpaceBall 1

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Aug 14, 2003
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I own a boat and go to the lake at every opportunity......maybe I'll apply.


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Apr 11, 2006
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Yeah, funny enough, they also get RESPECT in the industry and amoung their peers.